Wuka Period Products: A Review

If you've not yet made the change to sustainable period-wear than perhaps 2024 may be the year you make the switch. Did you know that 200,000 tonnes of disposable pads and tampons are sent to landfill each year in the UK? There are vast amounts of single-use plastic within this; menstrual pads alone actually contain up to 90% plastic! Making the switch from disposable period products to reusables is a sure way of being more environmentally friendly. But not only that, they will save you money too. The average menstruating person will use between 5,000 and 15,000 pads or tampons in their lifetime. The cost of this certainly adds up too!

Recently I was invited to try WUKA period pants and I was keen to learn a little more about them and to see if they would make a good alternative to pads and tampons.

wuka pants

Who are WUKA?

WUKA stands for Wake Up Kick Ass and they are committed to providing quality, sustainable period products to eliminate period poverty as well as to breakdown the stigma around periods. They were founded in 2027 by Ruby Raut and were the first in the UK to produce fully leak-proof and reusable period underwear. They are an award-winning brand that offers a wide range of underwear and sportswear. In 2022 they received the Queen's Award for Enterprise for Sustainable Development. They also recently changed the law meaning that period underwear is now tax free, making it 20% cheaper since 2024!

Inclusive, supportive, sustainable
The period pants and sportswear are designed to suit a range of different sizes for a comfortable and supportive fit. The WUKA Stretch
™️ technology works to fit and contour around your body whilst also holding it's shape. You can opt for XS- L or XS to 4XL. You can also select which absorbency you require to suit your period. You can purchase products for both adults and teens and also in a range of different styles including hipster, bikini, midi, boxers, swimwear and more. There is also a range for postpartum. I wish I had discovered these after the birth of my baby as maternity pads are extremely bulky and not the most comfortable!

There are 7 different collections  which include Period Pants Basic Collection, Ultimate, Stretch™️, Perform, Flex, Lace and Postpartum as well as every day underwear too. You can also purchase incontinence underwear. 

How do they work?

You may be wondering just how the period pants work? Firstly, they have an outer layer which is moisture wicking to keep you feeling dry and comfortable. The middle layer absorbs and locks in the blood. The top layer is fast absorbing meaning that the blood is quickly locked in helping you to feel dry and comfortable throughout the day. You can wear them up to 12 hours. To wash them, simply rinse the blood away in cold water, wash at 40 degrees and dry inside out, avoiding the tumble-dryer as this reduces the efficiency of them.

wuka pants

What did I think?
I was kindly sent a pair of WUKA Ultimate™ Midi Brief and Stretch™️ Cotton Period Pants.

My first impressions of the pants were how light they felt and how soft they were. Comfort is so important during your period. For me, being able to forget I have my period during this time, is the ideal! The pants were very comfortable to wear and stayed in place. They didn't irritate my skin or cause indentations. During my period, I can feel a little bloated and the stretch technology that they use was able to shape and contour around my body for a supportive , snuggly fit.

They were easy to wear and much easier than pads or tampons which can be very uncomfortable, not to mention being a bit of a faff! These were leakproof which gave me lots of confidence to carry on with the day.

After washing, they retained the shape and feel just as soft!

I am definitely a fan of these now. In fact, I'd say they are quite a gamechanger. It's great to not have to worry about leaking onto bedsheets during night time and of course, knowing I'm saving money and helping the environment too, makes them even better!

To explore the range, build your collection and start your suitable period journey, visit WUKA!

* Collaborative post.