Cool Wedding Theme Ideas

You want to ensure that your wedding day is a day to remember for the rest of your life. You want every little detail to go exactly to plan and to have the most amazing wedding day possible. So what can you do to make sure that your wedding is unforgettable? As well as having a breath-taking venue, amazing d├ęcor and top-quality wedding supplies, you can choose an awesome theme for your wedding. From a theme that oozes sophistication, to one that is crazy and fun. It is your big day and you get to choose how the format goes. The world really is your oyster when it comes to choosing a theme. So whether you're after a space themed wedding or even a travel themed wedding, for example, there really is no limit on your choices! If you are looking for some inspiration with your wedding themes then look no further:

Music Festival
Summer is on its way and that hopefully means some good weather. If you are planning to get married in July/August time then that is when music festival season is at its peak. It might sound an expensive idea but we have seen some great weddings where they have simply used a field, laid out square hay bales for people to sit on and then some drinks and food stalls. An ice cream stall is also a must if the sun is out! Then you need one or two music artists to bring the music festival fever to your wedding. It is perfect if you want a more casual theme and to keep costs low. Being outdoors, you can make it a whole lot more eco-friendly as well. 

With so many popular period dramas being shown on TV of late, you will no doubt have seen the amazing outfits that the richer families donned. Lovely corseted dresses and dapper suits galore, your wedding theme will be one that people are talking about for years to come. 

People describe the most amazing weddings as ‘fairytale’ weddings for a reason. Fairytales are what people grow up as a child dreaming about and if you have always dreamt of the perfect wedding, then a fairytale theme may be your ideal choice. Lots of celebrities go full-blown fairytale theme, Katie Price and Peter Andre used their wedding as an opportunity to release a Disney song to coincide with their wedding, which consisted of a Cinderella-style horse and carriage amongst other fairytale features. You do not have to go that level of fairytale theming and it will probably be a fair bit over most people’s budget but you get the idea.

If a certain country has a special meaning for you then you could incorporate that into your wedding plans. Italian themed could include opera music, Italian food and wine etc. Scottish themed could be great fun too, kilts, haggis and maybe a wee bit of caber-tossing for entertainment. Maybe you went on a lovely holiday a few years ago or got engaged somewhere abroad that you want to use as inspiration for your wedding theme.

If you have a favourite movie like Pretty Woman, Grease or even Harry Potter then you could use this as part of your wedding theme. Your bridesmaids could be Pink Ladies or you could have a Harry Potter groom, let your imagination go as wild as you want and think of the best movie themes you could use. 

You don’t have to settle for a boring wedding with all of these theme ideas available. Don’t forget to get wedding supplies that match your theme and themed photo props to look back at and remind you and your guests of how much fun the themed day was.

*This is a collaborative post