How to Create the Perfect Patio Space

During the warmer periods during the year, your garden really comes into its own, acting as an additional living space for alfresco dining, fun and frolics. There are, of course, a myriad of ways in which to approach the curating and cultivating of your outdoor living area and with that in mind here we explore how to create the perfect patio space.

Laying the Foundations
The first consideration when planning the perfect patio space is ground cover. Many of us opt for paving stones as they provide a strong and stable surface on which chairs tables and BBQs can be placed. Flags are also hard wearing and easy to clean and so are their popularity is understandable, there are however, alternative options. Decking can look stylish, for example, while fake grass is great for kids – playful and bright.

Whichever ground cover you go for, make sure it is laid on a well prepared and level area that is in close proximity to the house or walkways – this way carrying things to and from the patio is easy.

Outdoor Furniture
Lounge sets, tables, chairs and other outdoor furniture are also an important consideration, as they provide the comfort. A good rule of thumb when choosing outdoor furniture is to be dictated by how you like to eat when outside. Those who enjoy a BBQ may be happy with the less formal lounge set, but for more formal eating, a table and chairs are best. If you have the space, however, then why not have both?

Other additions to the patio include a fire pit or chiminea that can provide some warmth once the sun has gone down and will allow you to make the most of being outdoors. Check the fab guide on Big Family Organsied Chaos with tips on getting your garden ready now the warmer weather is here!

Ambiance and Flourishes
When it comes to setting the scene, look to pots for planting herbs, vegetables and flowers. Getting a balance between food for the body and food for the soul can really lift a patio and the meals you eat there.

Garden ornaments are another option to lift the spirits and help you put your own individual stamp on the space. Water features can enhance the quality of your relaxation time outside, whilst sculptures and other pieces of art can uplift and inspire you.

Finally, consider some lighting. Uplighting near plants and bushes can be dramatic and candles and lanterns can make for a great party atmosphere. If ambient lighting needs to be supplemented, then installing a flood light, mounted quite high up, will do the trick.

*This is a collaborative post