Quality Household Essentials From Poundshop.com

Recently, I was introduced to Poundshop.com; the UK's largest online pound shop. They stock a vast amount of products from household cleaning essentials to food and drink and much, much more! With everyday living costs on the rise, we as consumers look for value, convenience and quality and with Poundshop.com this is exactly what you get; branded quality items at exceptional prices!

I was invited to discover just what Poundshop.com had to offer and I was delighted at the range and quantity of products available and all at a fraction of the price I have previously paid for the same items in high-street shops. Here are some of the great products I discovered...

Foods For Weightloss
I was happy to discover that, not only do they offer food and drink essentials, they also have a specific section for foods that can be enjoyed for those on a weight-loss journey. Many of the items can be enjoyed alongside the Slimming World and Weight Watchers plans from savoury snacks like Cup a-Soups and Mug Shots to sweet treats like Cadbury Time Out wafers!

weightloss food

Beauty Items
Poundshop.com also stock a wide array of beauty, healthcare, dental, cosmetics and skincare products. These products are seriously good value and can make you a real saving. I was able to find those essential products that I use daily such as the Colgate toothpastes, Carex handsoaps and Dove deodorants, all for only £1 each which is a great price. Some items are priced slightly higher than £1 but still make you a real saving. The Huggies Pull Up Pants are priced at just £3. These are £4 in my local supermarket. 


As well as the essential items, Poundshop.com also stock a huge selection of quality beauty items such as body lotions, cosmetics and fragrances for example. I was very pleased to find Garnier Ultimate Blends Argan Oil body lotion for just £2, it normally retails at £3.99! I was also delighted to find one of my favourite beauty brands; Sanctuary Spa!

beauty items

Cleaning Products
I also found bargains a-plenty in the household cleaning category. The Astonish sprays which include antibacterial surface cleansers and one for window and glass for example were just £1 each. I also loved the selection of antibacterial wipes. I even found some Dettol Floor cleaner for just £1 which from previous use, I know is a really effective product.

cleaning items

I've been very impressed with the range, quality and value of the products stocked at Poundshop.com. With fast delivery as well as next day delivery available, this is a great way to purchase all those essential or just-because items! To recieve 5% off your orders just use the code RICECAKES5 at the checkout! To explore the range just click here!

*Disclaimer: I was gifted the above products in exchange for an honest review