Top Tips for Choosing a Good Secondary School

If you have a child in Year 5 or 6, you’re probably overwhelmed that it’s time to start thinking about secondary schools. It probably feels like just yesterday you were taking them to their first day at primary school, but unfortunately we can’t stop the clock. Choosing a school is a huge responsibility for parents and planning is essential. There are so many considerations, such as location, Ofsted reports and reputation. Here are some tips to help you with your decision regarding secondary schools, provided by a Private School in Hertfordshire called St Chris.


First of all, you need to consider the practicality of the location. Are you hoping that your children can walk to school? Are you happy to drive them or is there a reliable school bus service?

Do some comprehensive research on your shortlist of potential secondary schools. Have a look through the information on their websites, read the latest Ofsted reports and ask friends and families about their opinions and experiences with the schools. If your child is particularly interested in one area of the curriculum, such as sports or music, you should check that the school has good facilities and enthusiastic teachers in this area.

Visit on a school day!
Although open mornings and evenings are great, to get a real feel for the school, you should most certainly pay a visit on a normal school day. This way you get experience the genuine atmosphere and comings and goings of the school when they are not putting on a show. Are the teachers friendly and welcoming? What are the class sizes like? Do the students seem happy and are they made to feel involved?

Ask your Child!
Before you make a decision about your child’s school it is very important that you consider their opinions and thoughts. After all, they will be spending most of their time there so it’s vital for their wellbeing that they are happy with the school you choose.


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