April 2020 Round Up

We've been on lockdown for 10 weeks (I think!) and I think it's fair to say no one is finding it easy. However you are getting through the weeks, I hope you're all well and keeping safe. Lets hope things start to ease for us all soon. 

So what's been going on with us recently? Well not a great deal but here is a little round up of the things we have been doing including what we have been reading and the products we have enjoyed!

I'm now in the third trimester of pregnancy. I've had a consultant appointment and scan, a glucose tolerance test and a midwife appointment since lockdown began so it doesn't appear that the antenatal care here has been affected too much. I've been getting heartburn a lot which I had with both the boys (maybe I'm expecting another hairy baby!). I've not been sleeping too well but I recently discovered Feather and Down Pillow spray and I swear it's making a difference to my sleep. It smells gorgeous!  

pillow spray

What we've loved

Munchy Seeds
We have recently discovered Munchy Seeds. They are a tasty snack available in a range of flavours. My eldest boy loves to sprinkle them on his porridge in the morning. They are full of vitamins, nutrients, omega 3 and 6 fatty acids so they make an ideal snack to keep energy levels up during home schooling!

Munchy seeds

Ten Acre snacks

I think we've all deserved some treats during lockdown and these have been some of my favourite. Ten Acre crisps and popcorn are so moreish. The hand cooked crisps are vegan friendly, gluten and dairy free and are seriously tasty. They are available in a range of different and exciting flavours. My boys absolutely love popcorn so they were delighted to try the Ten Acre Popcorn. Delicious! 


Easiyo yogurt maker
The boys and I love yogurt and so we always enjoy making some with our EasiYo Yogurt maker. It's a great activity to occupy the boys (and let's face it, anything to occupy the boys during lockdown is a godsend!) and makes the most delicious and creamy yogurt. The yogurt is suitable for vegetarians, is gluten free and contains no artificial ingredients or stabilisers. Plus it's a great source of calcium! 

Where have we been been?

Well due to the lockdown rules, we've been in the garden for most of it. We have never felt more grateful for a little bit of outdoor space. On one of our walks we discovered a field which has been great for the boys to run round in. They do have a lot of energy to burn!


What have we been reading? 

James and The Giant Peach- Roald Dahl
The boys have been enjoyed James and The Giant Peach by Roald Dahl, We have been reading a couple of chapters in the evening. It's been great to reread this with them! 

roald dahl

The Hypnobirthing book- Katherine Graves
I have been reading hyponobirthing book in the hope of making the birth a little more managable! I will certainly be reporting back on this after little one is born! 

hypnobirthing book

What have you been up to? Are there any places, products, books, films or tv you have enjoyed during lockdown ? I'd love to hear more in the comments below!

Disclaimer: we were kindly gifted the Munchy seeds, Ten Acre Crisps and Roald Dahl book earlier this year. The EasiYo Yogurt maker was gifted last year but we were recently kindly sent a couple of yogurt sachets. All opnions remain my own.