Keep your valubles safe with tagosi

Is there anything more frustrating than misplacing your possessions? I'm sure the majority of people at one time or another have experienced the panic of losing their mobile phone, wallet or purse, even if it's only temporary. With little ones, a lost teddy or comforter can cause no end of upset. But did you know there's a way of ensuring that your lost possessions can be returned to you? 

Tagosi is an innovative way of protecting your belongings. When you join you are issued with a selection of products that can be attached to your valuables. Each one contains a unique QR code that the finder can scan in order to send you a message to inform you that they have found your item. They can also contact you through the website which is particularly useful if perhaps they are unaware or unable to scan the item. All communication is through an encryripted system so that your contact details as well as the finder's are not disclosed. They can also call you if you have selected this function when subscribing. 


What do you receive when joining? 
When you subscribe you will receive an assortment of items which can be attached to your belongings. This includes 15 tough stickers, 4 metal bag and luggage tags, 2 purse or wallet cards, 2 metal keyrings and 8 waterproof/washproof labels.  


How much does it cost? 
You can get the 31 item pack for just £25 per year and this includes a new selection of items each year. You can also order extra items if needed such as pet collar tags or printed mobile phone cases for example. You can also order items to help protect vulnerable loved ones who can easily become lost or disorientated. These include lanyards, badges, sew on patches and wristbands. There is no additional fee for these items, they are all included in your yearly subscription. How great is that! 

What are my thoughts? 
As a mum with two little boys that often become very attached to particular toys, it's really reassuring to know that there is a way to help avoid the upset that can come as a result of one of these toys becoming lost. For me personally, I'd be quite lost without my mobile phone as I need it for my businesses and it's also a way for the school to contact me if needed and so fitting it with a Tagosi sticker will certainly give peace of mind.

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*Disclaimer: collaborative post