Keeping Active with Wicked Vision toys!

We've all been on lockdown for approximately 7 weeks now and during this time it has been important to keep active, whether that has been a daily walk, run, by using a fitness DVD or by partaking in a YouTube class. With two very energetic little boys at home I've been keen to encourage them to move about to burn off some of that excess energy but often this encouragement can be met with reluctance. Also, as I am currently in the last trimester of pregnancy and feeling rather tired and heavy, keeping the boys active has certainly had its challenges. So when Wicked Vision got in touch to see if we would like to review some of their range of toys perfect for keeping kids active, we jumped at the chance!

Wicked Vision are a fun toy company who specialise in keeping kids (and adults!) active with their skill sports toys. We were kindly sent some indoor/outdoor toys to review including UKick, Indoor Booma Boomerang and a Mega Jump Rope! 

Wicked Vision Toys

Mega Jump Single Jump Rope
What could be better for burning off lots of energy than jumping with a jump rope. I remember doing this at school (a long time ago!) and I loved it! The Mega Jump Rope has high quality ball-bearing axles to ensure a smooth spin so it's a delight to use. You can adjust the length by twisting off the cap, removing the clip and cutting to size. My eldest boy loved practicing and it took a lot of concentration for him to not get tangled in the rope which was a great activity to occupy him. 

Jump rope

This fabulous toy merges elements of badminton and the popular skill of 'keepy-Uppy'. The aim is to prevent UKick from touching the ground for as long as possible by using  hands and feet. There are weights on it which can be added or removed; the more weights you add, the higher UKick will bounce. This was certainly lots of fun and my boys loved running round the garden after it! 



Indoor Booma Boomerang
The Indoor Booma Boomerang is soft and lightweight. It is made out of special 'memorang' foam which can be tuned so it can take different flight paths. The boys were very excited when the boomerang flew back to them which they enjoyed practicing over and over. The lightweight design meant it didn't matter if it accidentally flew into heads or the TV!  

We've had lots of fun testing the toys. They have brought lots of fun and laughter to the boys and have also encouraged them to keep active! Explore the range here.

Disclaimer: we were kindly sent the above toys in exchange for an honest review.