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This week I have been delighted to be given the opportunity to sample a selection of wines from Independent Wine. Red wine is my favourite drink and so I was really looking forward to tasting the 306 Biologico Nero d'Avola 2017 | Sicilia DOC and it certainly did not disappoint!

Red wine

This wine is simply superb; it's rich with deep aromas and flavours, perfect for teaming with pasta dishes, or white meats or for simply enjoying alone. It has won multiple awards and it's not hard to see why. With beautiful rich flavours of cherry, redcurrant and cranberry along with scents of black pepper, cedar and leather, this wine really stands out!

I was fascinated to read the extensive notes on the site about how this wine was made. I learnt that it was produced by Salvatore Tamburello’s organic micro-winery in Sicily. The grape Nero d'Avola is grown across Sicily and Salvatore removes half the grapes from his vines to enable the remaining grapes to receive a more concentrated flavour and more nutrients. He keeps any intervention of the grapes in the cellar to an absolute minimum, allowing for cold maceration at 18°C ; this is lower than usual as red wines usually ferment at 22-30 °C. It is aged and developed for 20 months in stainless steel tanks with a small percentage being aged in oak barriques, which gives the wine a delicate oak finish. 

This is another wonderful wine from Independent Wine. The team's process of finding wines includes actually travelling to Italy and sampling each wine as well as inspecting the winery and vineyard. It's this process that ensures you are only presented with a selection of exceptional wines to choice from. If you are unsure which wine to select from their site, you can be reassured that all of the wines really are of premium quality. 

red wine

If you enjoy red wine like me, Independent Wine has a great article on how to select your favourite with a four-step method including considering the flavours you enjoy, the level of quality you are aiming for, whether the wine is of premium denomination and whether it has won any awards.

What a wonderful wine, the 306 Biologico Nero d'Avola 2017 | Sicilia DOC is definitely one of my favourites!

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