Add style and character to your rooms with Wall Art

If you're looking to add some character, style and individuality to your home, one way is to consider adding some art to the walls. Nothing injects your personality into your home quite as well as displaying your favourite photographs, artwork and prints. They can remind you of happy and treasured moments in time and can invite feelings of joy. There are many different options to consider when selecting wall art and here are a few of my favourite ways. 

Canvas art prints
One of my favourite canvas prints which I have in our living room is of sunlight rays seeping through woodland trees. I've had this picture for years and I love it as much as they day I bought it. It makes me think of happy, warm and peaceful summer days.  Canvas art prints create a raised effect to the art, making them even more striking when you enter the room.

Adding cool art posters to a room can give it a real retro feel. It makes me think back to my university days when I would plaster my walls with interesting and fun posters. There are so many different options to choose from, from famous paintings, beautiful images or exciting photographs to name just a few. You can opt to frame the print or you may wish to just apply it to the wall as it comes. One thing is for sure, this will certainly make an interesting and eye-catching feature in your home. 

Big Ben

Photos to paintings
I love to have photographs featured around my home of my family. One selection of photographs on display is of our first seaside holidays together; it always takes me right back to that sunny happy week! Another great idea is to have your photographs turned into paintings, making a really unique piece to display on your walls. 

Tile or photo Wall 
Adding a feature wall full of photo tiles or framed photographs is a stylish and modern option and will add so much character and life to your home. Eyes will be drawn to this wall, which can be full of all your favourite photographs, each one with special meaning to you and your family. 

Add tapestries
This is a really unique and stylish option when it comes to displaying art. The different texture the tapestries provide adds a really quirky feel to the art. By adding tapestries to your room you can create a real statement, providing the room with a pop of colour and a modern yet unconventional effect. 


*This is a collaborative post