The Benefits of Sports for Children

Homework, television, video games, and internet use are activities that may promote sedentary behaviour in children. Parents are advised to limit their child’s screen use and encourage at least an hour of physical activity every day in order to boost physical and mental health. After all, exercise produces those “feel good” hormones that help individuals tackle stress. However, health isn’t the only benefit of sport and other physical activities, as discussed below by a secondary school in Bristol.


Sport can help children with their confidence. A cheer from the crowd, a high five from a teammate and positive reinforcement from the coach are all great for boosting a child’s self-esteem. Even if they lose a game, they learn to accept constructive criticism as a positive. Coping with losses is important because it means that your child will be better equipped with future challenges. As a result, they learn to have faith in their own abilities, improve their skills, and continue pushing forward with their personal pursuits in an optimistic manner.

Social skills are also developed during sport. Children learn to work as a team and cooperate with their peers, while also taking direction from those superior to them. Teamwork is an important skill and one that can benefit individuals throughout their lives. It involves figuring out each player’s strengths and weaknesses, so that they can strategise the best way to reach their shared goal. This is something that many of us have to do as adults, whilst at work. The team spirit offers a sense of belonging and allows them to develop friendships with likeminded individuals. The more friends a child has from different social circles and backgrounds, the better they will be at communicating and being open-minded.

There are lots of ways you can encourage your child to be more active and take part in school. Leading by example is a great place to start, as children typically learn how to behave by observing their parents and other important people in their lives. Play sport with them, consider purchasing one of their favourite softball jerseys or at least try and attend all of their matches to show your support. Finally, you should try and limit screen time and encourage your child to get outside.

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