How handrail brackets can transform your staircase

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Have you been staring at your staircase or bannister and thinking how can I freshen it up? You might have even typed in Google “stair railing makeover” or “how to update a stair handrail”. What if I had a quick solution to give your handrail a new look? One that doesn’t cost much and can be done in an afternoon. Sounds good?

My solution: changing the handrail brackets.

It might not seem like much but handrail brackets, as any other detail of your home (door handles, door hinges, window locks – you name it!), are incredibly important to the overall look of a space. These small ironmongery details can tie together your interior design and even enhance the look of your home.

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How can handrail brackets improve the look of your staircase handrail?

You might be asking... Well, by choosing the right brackets, of course. Don’t go for the cheap and dull brackets! With thousands of stunning handrail brackets available online, you have the opportunity to make your handrail look as good as you want it to! Time to freshen up your outdated bannisters with new handrail brackets.

Whilst browsing online for handrail brackets UK, I found Ironmongery Experts, a family-run business that sells everything and anything ironmongery. At Ironmongery Experts, they stock a wide range of handrail brackets to suit my needs, from modern handrail brackets, such as black handrail brackets and brass handrail brackets to traditional brackets, such as antique brass handrail brackets. The choices were endless!

How to choose the right handrail bracket?

As Captain Bobcat says in a recent blog post, “The right ironmongery will not only complement a design but will uplift it and make it more visually interesting.” If you are unsure how to pick the right handrail bracket for your bannister, let me help. I’d break it down into two main categories: design and finish.

By design

In an article talking about how to choose the right door handles, Welsh Mum recommends choosing handles that perfectly balance function and design. The same applies to handrail brackets. When talking about handrail bracket design, you mostly have two options: traditional and modern brackets.

However, there is no rule when it comes to choosing the design of your handrail bracket. If you live in a grade listed property, you might want to go for a traditional look to complement the rest of your home’s style. This doesn’t mean that you can’t go for modern brackets to make your home’s interior even more interesting!

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By finish

You can choose from cool finishes, such as chrome handrail brackets and stainless steel handrail brackets, to warm finishes, including brass handrail brackets and rose gold handrail brackets. If you want a neutral finish, there are plenty of options too! Black handrail brackets, wooden handrail brackets and cast iron handrail brackets are just a few handrail brackets that feature a neutral finish, meaning these will look great anywhere!

As Lamb and Bear says, “Ironmongery is the perfect finishing touch when decorating a home – the right ironmongery can make or break a design.” So, take all the time you need when choosing the right handrail bracket to give your stair handrail a new look.

*Collaborative Post