What are post shoes?

Post shoes or post support are great little pieces of garden fence hardware. If you are passionate about your garden fence or your garden in general, you will want to add post shoes to the wooden posts of your garden fence. “Why is that?” You might be asking.

A great question, and exactly what I’m talking about! For some expertise, I’m accompanied by Speedy Fixings, post shoe supplier. The team at Speedy Fixings is highly knowledgeable and even manufacture their own custom post shoes in their warehouse. So, I couldn’t have picked better experts to talk to!

So, what are post shoes? Are post shoes the same as post supports? How to choose the right post shoe? We will go through all of these questions today.

Post shoes

What are post shoes?
Post shoes are metal pieces of hardware that are installed on the bottom of wooden posts of garden fences. These are usually bolted down onto concrete to keep the wooden posts in place for many years to come. As Mamma Prada explains, “Post shoes add extra stability and support to your fence, making it last longer and easily withstand the bad weather.”

“Plus, post shoes also protect wooden posts against water damage, insect damage and fungal damage, making your outdoor structure last longer.” mentions Savvy in Somerset.

Are post shoes the same as post supports?
Post supports are the exact same as post shoes. Post shoes are known by various names, including post supports, fence post shoes, post support shoe and bolt down post shoes.

How to choose the right post shoe?
If you don’t know which post shoe is suitable for your garden fence, I’d highly recommend getting in touch with the team at Speedy Fixings. They stock a wide range of post shoes, from 100mm post shoes to galvanised post shoes and even elevated post shoes.

Whether you want to make your garden fence last longer or simply want to give an uplift – post shoes will do that and much more! What do you think of these small pieces of hardware?

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