ECTA OUTREACH - Lockdown’s Affecting Smart Meter Installation

As the nation enters its next national lockdown, there is widespread concern surrounding how people will live, how furlough will affect work and also how people will be able to work within people’s homes during the next two months.

With smart meter installations suffering over last year’s lockdown and tier system restrictions providing a drop in installations late last year, the push back on workload has provided an extension on smart meter installation deadlines for utility companies to July 2021. This is a direct result of the pandemic’s upheaval.


Training Window
This setback has opened up a window of opportunity for those looking to take on a smart meter apprenticeships, which provides the necessary qualifications to be able to install and advise on the benefits of greener technologies to customers.

With the increase of demand sure to triple due to the setbacks towards the deadline, this new lockdown will undoubtedly pose a serious backlog of work that current qualified engineers will not be able to effectively manage.

This makes people who decide to undertake an apprenticeship in the face of this new lockdown stand to benefit even more from relaxation of the tier system.

Open to All Ages
There are many different age groups looking to start with a green energy apprenticeships.

Whilst a perfect direction for school leavers to begin a successful career in a growing industry, many fully qualified electricians also are turning to training on smart meters to keep up with the transition to green energy.

Also those who have grown tired of their current jobs, home working and threatened job security have turned to the prospect of a smart meter apprenticeship in order to get onto the current demand for installers.

With smart meters set to reach over half of Britain’s homes and businesses this year, and national rollout due to reach a hectic pace upon lockdown ease, it’s certainly a great time for people from all avenues to approach this period with full attention in order to benefit greatly.

The Address of Concern
Naturally there are always people very sceptical of smart meter rollout and their concerns about what data is shared and to where.

The ability to address these concerns as a fully qualified smart meter technician is not just about having the knowledge, but also having the right people skills to be able to provide answers to how their data is used and how the meters benefit them financially and with their consumption.

As lockdown now poses even more setbacks for rollout, the time could be right for those ready to take the greener step.

*Collaborative Post