Teaching Your Child to Respect Other Cultures

Culture is a wondrous subject that spans across the globe, and children will be keen to learn how other people live and what customs differ to their own. In this guide from a private school in Enfield, we look through ways to raise a child keen to explore different cultures.

teaching children about different cultures, globe

Educate them through using a globe

Do you have a globe or a copy of the map around your home? Even if you use an online version, you’ll be able to show your child how vast the world is and how important it is for you and your child to understand that.

Pick specific countries that you may have visited in the past and show your child what you learn about their culture and what makes them unique. They may be keen to learn more about these places and how much they mean to you.

If you’re going abroad, show your child where they’re going to visit
Have a family holiday planned? Get your child excited by showing them fun facts about the country and what they’ll have to look forward to. For example, if you’re going to Greece, show them pictures of the ancient architecture and its mythological history. If you’re going on a holiday in Italy, you can talk to your child about the history of the Romans and its country’s food. Ask them to make a collage about what they’ve learnt about the country before visiting so that they get a sense of where they’re visiting, and it’s a great way to broaden their minds.

Teach them about different religions
Religion is a huge part of a lot of people’s cultures, which is why it’s important for children to be aware of the most popular forms of religion and where they’re most prevalent in the world. They’ll also find a lot of their friends follow some form of religion and learn to develop their understanding of these cultures through them, giving them greater awareness of what’s around them.

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