The Online Dating Trend!

Never before have we relied on the internet to connect with others quite as much as we have done in the last 12 months. The pandemic has meant we have all had to keep apart and as a result have had to rely on virtual methods of communication to keep in touch with family and friends. Ways of connecting include emails, Zoom calls, text messaging, and video messaging to name a few methods, and whilst they might not make up for seeing our friends and family face to face, I think it's fair to say they definitely serve to be the next best thing! 

Over the last 12 months I've heard a few people ponder about what this all means in terms of dating and meeting new people and whether the pandemic might have put a stop to this. But luckily, this is certainly not the case as this is where online dating comes in. Online dating enables individuals to connect to others virtually. They can make connections, chat to others and even virtually meet up, all from the safety and security of their own homes. There are so many benefits to online dating making it clear why it is a popular choice for those looking to meet new people! 

video chat

Meet local people
Free dating sites enable you to opt to connect with people from your own area meaning you won't have to worry about the impracticality of a long-distance relationship if you find that special someone. Fife dating site Meet Fife Singles for example enables people to connect with others from this area. 

It's Covid-secure
At present, we can't meet up with different people very easily due to the risks associated with Covid-19. Online dating is completely Covid-secure so you can relax, safe in the knowledge that you won't be exposed to or exposing anyone else to the virus.

It's cheaper
When meeting someone face to face for a date, you would have the expense of the date itself. This could include the cost of a meal and drinks and a taxi ride home for example. The cost can certainly mount up. Online dating enables you to meet, connect and virtually date with no, or very little expense. 

It's quicker
If you connect with someone that ticks the right boxes, you won't have to wait long to virtually meet up. You could even arrange a video chat straight away if you're both happy to. It reduces the amount of pre-date jitters that you may have as you won't have been anxiously awaiting the big day all week. 

It's less awkward. 
If you virtually meet up and decide you're not quite a match made in heaven then no harm done- you won't be sharing a taxi ride home or having to endure another two courses before you can make your exit. 

It's fun!
Virtual dating enables you to connect with and virtually meet people that are single, local and happy to seek new friendships and relationships. It's certainly exciting and who knows- you could be about to meet your soul mate!

Disclaimer- This is a collaborative post.