Thursday, 16 April 2020

Peppa Pig Playsets: A Review

If you have little ones there's every chance they will be big Peppa Pig fans! Did you know there are a range of different Peppa Pig toys available to keep them entertained? We were delighted to be given the chance to review two Peppa Pig play sets this month; Peppa's Day At The Zoo and Grandpa Pig's Boat. 

Peppa's Day at the Zoo!
This set contains three figures which include Gerald Giraffe, Peppa Pig and Mr Lion the zookeeper. It includes a sign, butterfly house, a wheelbarrow and a tortoise. There is a also an accessory to attach to the sign which displays several characters at the Penguin enclosure. 

peppa pig

Mr Lion is a chunky figure, perfect for little hands and the Peppa and Gerald toys (dressed in their zookeeper outfits ready to help Mr Lion for the day) are a great accompaniment to the set. Each figure has a moveable head as well as moveable arms and legs. For smaller children this will help develop their manual dexterity skills. Three figures is a generous amount for a playset of this value (currently £12.99 on Amazon) so a great one to add to any Peppa Pig collection. The accessory displaying the penguin house is not quite as robust as is perhaps needed for smaller children but this playset still works well without it in the event of this part not quite withstanding the toddler test of time!

Grandpa Pig's Boat
This set features Grandpa Pig's boat and a George character complete with his own little pirate hat! My little one liked taking the hat on and off! The boat has wheels so can be steered around the floor and is brightly coloured which is great for capturing the attention of little ones. There are foot indents on the deck of the boat to use to stand George up. We found that some of the other characters fit in them too so this makes it a great addition to any collection! 

peppa pig

We loved reviewing the Peppa Pig play sets. They encourage imaginative play enabling your child to make up endless adventures with their favourite characters! 

Disclaimer: We were kindly send these in exchange for an honest review.

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