Embracing Spring Adventures with Lighthouse Clothing

The recent lifting of some lockdown restrictions, the brighter, warmer days and the promise of better times ahead has really lifted my mood of late. Now that exercise is permitted outside of our local areas, it has been so wonderful to travel to some of our favourite places again; the boys love the freedom to explore woods, climb trees, run around and enjoy a picnic too! We try to get outdoors as a family when we can as it certainly keeps us from going stir crazy- it feels like such a luxury after the last 12 months. 

Once the first lot stage of lockdown easing had occured, we couldn't wait to book a farm trip for the boys. We were all so excited to have a day out but we were actually left quite disappointed; there were so many people (despite apparent restrictions on numbers) and not all the attractions in the farm were open and so the boys didn't get to do everything they wanted. I think we all actually left feeling a little flat and it hadn't been particularly cheap either!

The next day we had a day out at a National Trust property. We have been members for about a year and a half but hadn't actually been able to use our membership very much due to everything being closed or too far to drive to when the 'stay local' rule was in place. Although the property itself wasn't open, this wasn't a problem as the boys absolutely love exploring the extensive grounds, gardens and woodland of the property. They had so much fun; they ran and ran, span in circles, climbed trees, rolled on the grass and played hide and seek! They left very tired and happy, and so did we! After this trip, I decided that from then on, we would stick to exploring outdoor areas like woodlands, parks and National Trust areas and we would keep the pricer days out for special occasions. All the boys really need is some fresh air, a stick in their hand and somewhere to run and they are happy.


We are so looking forward to exploring more places over the next few weeks and months. It's such a simple and enjoyable thing to do. It can also be done fairly spontaneously- we just pack wellies and raincoats in the car because as wonderful as a walk in the British Countryside is, one thing is for sure, you can't guarantee the weather here! I've so loved my new raincoat from Lighthouse Clothing; it's warm and waterproof, slightly padded, breathable and windproof. It even has a detachable hood. It's perfect for keeping me cosy and dry for the cooler, wetter days but also light enough for warmer spring days! 

Here's to better days ahead! 


*Disclaimer: I was kindly gifted a raincoat in exchange for an honest review.