Exploring the Evolution of Communication

Have you ever stopped to think about just how many changes there have been in recent years when it comes to how we communicate? From phone calls to messaging platforms and much in-between, there are certainly many communication options available at present. You may have also noticed how in recent times, businesses offer multiple ways of communicating with them to leave feedback or contact their customer service team. This includes call handling, online live chat, email communication and more.

mobile phone

I was intrigued to read the latest findings of CallCare who conducted some research on the behaviour of Brits when it comes to communicating with each other with the communication devices that are on offer today. You can read all about the campaign and their findings here. This led me to consider how communication has changed since I was a child and more recently, in the the ten years since having my eldest child. 

When I was a child, ways of communicating with others were certainly more limited. We had a landline which was used frequently to keep in touch with family members. If I wanted to talk to my friends, it was a case of ringing their home phone and asking their mum or dad if we could talk to them, or knocking on their door if they lived on the estate. Quite often however, it was a case of waiting to see them in school. For those further afield, there was of course the option to send them a letter. I was 16 years old when I first had a mobile phone and back then it could only make phone calls or send text messages. I remember text messages cost me 10p per text which soon added up! Fast forward to today and the options for contacting my friends and family seem unlimited and often overwhelming at times. The option to call and text people on my phone remains the same but now people can be messaged and communicated with on social media platforms, via messaging platforms, by emails, video calls and gaming devices. I can even send a message to a friend via my Echo device- a handsfree speaker that you control with your voice. We no longer have a landline and most of my communication with others takes place via the messaging platform Whatsapp. 

When my eldest son was born ten years ago, although many communication options were available, there wasn't quite as many as there are today! I remember texting friends news of my son's birth whilst my husband made phone calls on his mobile. I hadn't yet heard about Whatsapp though it was starting to rise in popularity from that point onwards. I had a Facebook account with a messaging platform but no other social media accounts.

With such a vast range of communication options available today, it's intriguing to wonder whether the methods have now peaked or whether in ten years time we we be listing even more!

Stay tuned!

*Disclaimer: Post created in collaboration with CallCare