Roar-some Toys From Wicked Uncle!

As a mum of three little boys, dinosaurs play a big part of day to day life. In our home, dinosaurs are never far away; there are toy dinosaurs roaming the garden, cuddly dinosaurs hiding in bed sheets and much-loved dino fact books in every room. Even the bath tub is full of dinosaurs! It's safe to say that my boys are dino-crazy! Recently, I was delighted to discover there are a wide array of fantastic dinosaur gifts and toys found at Wicked Uncle! I couldn't wait to find out more.

In honour of their love for for all things dinosaur related, this year I'm planning to take them to see the new dinosaur displayed at the Natural History Museum. The Patagotitan mayorum is the most complete giant dinosaur skeleton ever found, and it’s on display in the Natural History Museum in London! 

Until we get to visit the museum, there is plenty of dinosaur fun to be had at home with thanks to Wicked Uncle! If you're are unable to see the exhibition or perhaps are hoping to see it soon, just like us, there are plenty of ways you can encourage dinosaur play at home and keep the dinosaur excitement going! We were thrilled to explore some of the dinosaur toys and gifts on offer from Wicked Uncle as displayed below.

Wicked Uncle has an amazing selection of quality children's toys and games. You can easily find gifts on the site by selecting the relevant category of toy you are looking for or you can search for toys by the age of the child. You can have your item gift wrapped with a personalised message and can even add on a greetings card too. With super fast delivery, outstanding customer service and gifts that have been tested and approved by their toy testers, you can be sure to find that perfect and super-cool gift for the lucky recipient!

I was thrilled to discover they had dinosaur toys suitable for each of my boys who are aged from two to ten years. Here's what I found...

Dino Roar! Four Noisy Dinosaurs
This cute and cuddly set features four soft dinosaurs and a volcano home. Each of the dinosaurs makes its own distinctive noise when squeezed, providing them with many happy hours of dino fun! The volcano can also be used to store the dinosaurs at home or for travels out and about.

wicked uncle

Mix & Match Dinosaur Magnets
Children can create exciting prehistoric scenes with these delightful wooden dinosaur magnets. The set contains 24 pieces and contains a cute Stegosaurus, a Spinosaurus, a Pteranadon and much more! Use on the fridge, a magnetic board or any magnetic surface and bring those dinosaur adventures to life!

dinosaur magnets

T-Rex Dinosaur Shaped Jigsaw- Giant Puzzle
With 100 interlocking pieces, this high quality jigsaw makes a giant photo-realistic image of a T-Rex once completed. The pieces are sturdy and over-sized for easy handling and they come in a sturdy keepsake box. Included is a T-Rex fact sheet too making this a wonderful gift for any dinosaur loving child!

dinosaur jigsaw

For more amazing gift ideas, visit Wicked Uncle today!

*Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post