Annual Food and Drinks Festivals to Look Forward to in Cambridge

All too often, we draw excitement from anticipation. Events such as travelling the world, attending a music concert or winning a jackpot at platforms like Lottoland lottery betting site, to name a few examples.

A lot of people anticipate taking part in different Cambridge fairs that happen throughout the year. As such, this write-up will cover annual food and drinks festivals to look forward to in Cambridge. The events showcase Cambridge's culinary delights, so be sure to check which one will fit in your diary.

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1. Cambridge Vegan Market - 24 September, 2023
For the first time outside Guildhall, the Vegan Market Co. will host the Cambridge Vegan Market event in Parker's Piece. We all know there are not enough vegan food festivals in Cambridge.

However, this event will allow you to sample vegan food from different vegan street vendors as you listen to live music. The event also features a vegan bar as well as craft brewers, so you can rest assured that all beer within the event is 100% vegan.

And if you are into environmental conservation and sustainable businesses, you can connect with like-minded people such as zero waste champions, ethical jewellers, and sustainable chandlers. You can also participate in environmental charities.

2. Meadows Family Fun Day - Sat, 23 Sep 2023
Usually, parents work extremely hard to provide the best for their children, leaving them with little to zero time to spend with them. But which better way to spend time with your kids than to attend a family fun day?

Head to Meadows Community Centre to enjoy food, drinks, live music, and performances from local community groups. Your children are bound to love the entertainment and games in this event. You can bring your camping chairs and blankets if you wish.

3. Thai MasterChef and Dining Experience - November 02, 2023 
This event is a must-attend if you love Thai food and fine dining. Happening at Cambridge Cookery and Cafe, the event will feature a full three-course dining experience with wine.

However, if you don't fancy wine, there will be beer and soft drinks. Popular Thai food like green curry and Phad Thai will be on the menu, but you can contact the organisers for a special diet.

4. The Big Carnival Weekend Family Day Rave - Sat 26 Aug 2023
This event is hosted by Top of the Tots and will be held at Quy Mill Hotel and Spa. The carnival-themed event features whole family entertainment with kids and toddlers playing area, bubble machine, colouring area, face painting, and live DJs.

There will be plenty of street food and snacks to sample, as well as a bar for the adults.

5. The Cambridge Autumn Food Home and Craft Fair- 16th- 17th Sep 2023
If you have been struggling to make delicious homemade food and always order in, this is your chance to up your game. This two-day event at Parkers Piece brings together local chefs and other foodies who will demonstrate how to make different dishes.

You will also learn to bake and make Jams and pickles. Moreover, art, crafts, flowers, and homewares stalls will be available.

6. Bake Sale at St Giles Church - Sat Sep 02, 2023

If you would love to sample bakeries for a good course, head to St. Giles church every first Saturday of the month. The event hosted by friends of St Giles' Church donates the funds raised from sales to Cambridge Food Bank and the Red Cross. Entry is free

7. Cambridge Oktoberfest - Friday 29 - Sat 30 Sep 2023 
The Cambridge Oktoberfest at Jesus Green is a must-attend for beer and food lovers. This festival brings German food and parting experience to Cambridge. There will be lots of traditional German food and music, and you will experience how Germans drink beer. Tickets cost around £11.55.

8. Alconfest - Sat September 16, 2023
There is no better way to spend a Saturday afternoon than savouring food while dancing to live music. Alconfest guarantees fun for the whole family with electrifying performances from local artists and bands as you indulge in delicious street food from local vendors. And the best part? Entry to this event is free.

Cambridge is very vibrant, and the locals know how to have a good time. Whether you are visiting the city or you are a local looking for upcoming cultural festivals to indulge in, Cambridge is your ideal destination. So if you are into art, music, food, there's always a major Cambridge event coming up to celebrate with family and friends.

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