Save Money With the JamDoughnut Cashback App- A Review

With the current cost of living crisis, finding ways to save money is always welcome and that's why I was delighted to learn more about the JamDoughnut app. JamDoughnut is an instant cashback app. In fact, it is the highest rated cashback app on Trustpilot! So just what makes the app so special and how does it work?

With the JamDoughnut app, you can earn cashback each time you shop both in store and online. There are 100s of brands on the app and the potential cashback you can receive is up to a generous 20% meaning you'll soon start making savings. One of the best key features of the app is how the cashback is instant, meaning there are no long waits for your money. Rewards are paid straight away so you wont need to worry about delayed or missing claims. You can track the amount earnt and can transfer it to your bank when you are ready.

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How to use it...

Using the app is really simple. You simply find the company you want to shop with and then purchase a gift voucher. You'll then be sent your voucher immediately, along with your cashback! Your gift card is stored on the app so once you're ready to use it, just share the code with the retailer. 

The cashback is instant and can be viewed in the 'Wallet' section of the app. Here you can track the amount you have saved and your Prepay Codes. Once you've made £10, this can then be transferred into your bank account. Another great feature is that you can select if you prefer the cash to be sent out toyour bank or to be sent to you as a voucher. If choosing the voucher option, you can earn cash back without any transaction fee!

This is my wallet after just one purchase. You can see how quickly and easily money can start to be saved. 

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Referral Scheme...

JamDoughnut also have a brilliant referral scheme where you you will receive £4 for every friend you refer who then goes on to cash out £10 or more. If you join JamDoughnut via a friend’s referral code, you’ll automatically get £2 when you make your first valid purchase.

So what did I think?
I was surprised by how easy it was to use the app and how simple it is to start receiving cashback on your purchases. I love how the cashback is instant as with previous cashback sites I have used, the long waits or missed payments were so frustrating. I will definitely be using JamDoughnut for lots of my purchases going forward and I can't wait to see the savings I will make. What's more, for the whole of September JamDoughnut have their Pumped Up campaign across lots of supermarkets, meaning there are loads of savings to be made!
Just look at the brands included in this great campaign...

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If you are looking to sign up, please use my referral code J6S3

*This is a collaborative post. The referral code is an affiliate code.